Blossoming in Gandhidham : Discover the Serenity and Joy of Yoga at Our Yoga TTC Retreat!         

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Welcome to Ananda Yoga

Ananda Yoga provides an extensive range of thoughtfully crafted programs specifically tailored to cater to individuals seeking personal growth through the practice of yoga. Join us with this journey.!!

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Teacher Training

Internationally Accredited

Ananda Yoga is registered with the International Yoga Alliance, offering internationally accredited 200-hour and 500-hour certified yoga teacher training programs. Join us start your career journey.!!

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Happiness & Love

Blossoming Gandhidham

Join us on a transformative journey of physical, mental, and spiritual development through yoga. Experience the wisdom and knowledge firsthand at Ananda Yoga. Join us with this journey.

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Ananda Yoga

Ananda Yoga is dedicated to the belief, born of experience, that one can live in joy. We teach effective techniques for expanding your sense of self.

It is our hope to spread the right knowledge and wisdom of yoga through our unique way that “we work with the development of all dimensions Physical, Mental and Spiritual”. We make our teachings inclusive and beneficial to all ages, abilities, beliefs, systems, and religions. Join us on this journey towards greater joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Our mission is to create a healthy and peaceful society through Ananda yoga which stands for :

Health, Happiness & Love

“Ananda means Union with the Divine and Embrace the Bliss. Bliss of a Healthy & Happy State of the Mind based on Love”


Explore The World Of
Health & Wellness

Yoga Teacher

Become a Certified International Yoga Teacher Under the International World Yoga Alliance with 200 and 500-Hour Training Courses.

Live / Online

Weight Loss Yoga Programs, Detox Body, Mind, promote a sense of calm and relaxation, and dietary recommendations.

Kids Yoga
Teacher Training

Junior and Senior Diploma Certification Course with advanced training specially designed for kids who wish to become a yoga teacher

Classes & Retreats

Physical & mental health, self- love, marital and parental relationships, promoting overall well- being and quality of life.


Boosting working environment, productivity marital education counseling, receive guidance to enhance the marital relationship.


Cleansing the lungs and respiratory and digestive organs, enhancing blood circulation, reducing body heat, and improving digestion.


Peace, love, health, harmony, music therapy, chakra meditation, reduce negative thinking and promoting mindfulness.


For mind control, health, concentration, attitude, and joyfulness, improving flexibility, and promoting relaxation.


Join Our Yoga Teacher Training Programme

We are registered with the international yoga alliance and offer internationally accredited 200 hours and 300 and 500 hours certified yoga teacher training programs. 

Grow your skills with our professionally trained teachers who are passionate about yoga. Connect and study with expert teacher Sai Laxmi, across yoga therapy, anatomy, meditation, and more.


Healthy Mind Exclusive
Yoga Sessions

Enhance Life Force for Better Health. Tune Energy Points for Fuelling Life Force.

Self Love to Expand Spritual Heart. Increase Happiness For Mind Wellness. Embrace Nature to Experience Oneness.

All the Above Themes are Essential for a Healthy & Happy Life Style On the Foundation of Love Which is The Base Of All Yoga Practices and Ananda Yoga assures you the same

Let’s Create the World More Beautiful

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Our Affiliations

Ananda Yoga Is affliated by International World Yoga Alliance


Our Inspiration

Ananda is purely blessed & inspired by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International who guided us to enter an enlightened path of freedom which leads to wisdom, taught us to focus good with in oneself and polished us to serve and teach happiness & love, eventually enriching one to a healthy living state, gracefully through the platform of Yoga.


Blossoming Gandhidham

We invite you to Ananda Yoga, Gandhidham, State of Gujarat. The city was named after Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian Nation. Gandhidham is an economic capital of Kutch, and it is a fast-developing city in Gujarat state. A growing retirement and family city, it’s also a popular destination for conventions, business, and meetings. We also invite Establishments/ Corporate Companies/ Organizations to sponsor / host our event/program, which is charted out, aiming for the welfare of individuals, society and nature.

Yogini SaiLaxmi |
Team Ananda

Our Beliefs

Yoga is not just an exercise. It is the way we live our Life. It’s a process of nourishing every cell of our body by tuning our mind along with a bit of stretching the body, so as every cell of the body gets aligned with the brain cells and the spiritual heart, using the technique of breathing by streamlining it. At the initial stage it’s about pushing the toxins out of the body and cleansing it, then slowly rejuvenating part of the body with life force, oxygen, proper blood circulation and flow of energy enabling the nerve systems to be fully active. Once it’s done the second part is filling up the mind with positive thoughts, loving self and attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

In the advanced stage it’s all about tuning our elements with five elementary parts of the creative force eventually connecting ourselves with the Universe, it’s more ideal to say to Experience the Universe within One or Becoming One with the Universe.

Junior Diploma Certification Program


Our Latest Reviews

Iam delighted to share my experience with the yoga teacher training program program has been transformative personal growth and creating lasting connections with like minded individuals. I am grateful for the recomeed valuable skill gained through this enriching journey expert instructor and supportive team not only depend my practice but also gave me the confidence to guide others on thair journey iam so thankful Ananda yoga teaches Haighly recomeed
shreeraj Jeeladiya
shreeraj Jeeladiya
Best meditation place plus good teaching skills...my stress reduces in just 2 day..One of the best.
Mansi Thacker
Mansi Thacker
Ideal yoga classes it was truly one of the best experiences of my life I learned more then I thought over the course of my 200hr training the knowledge I gain about my self life and the aspects of yoga beyond value .
Kishan Vankar
Kishan Vankar
"I learned to give a complete international class and I am sure and confident enough to teach all over the world now.The theory part was the best part in the course. The journey was amazing and I am grateful to have had the experience of learning Yoga at the Ananda Yoga the way you only get to do in India.
Komal Prashad
Komal Prashad
Teachers are very humble excellent place for yoga must visit
Dinesh Makwana
Dinesh Makwana
Took ttc 500hr yoga from Ananda yoga .learning yoga from Ananda yoga has been one of the profound experience in my life teaches her took immensely care in exploring the traditional concept in yoga as well as providing information with scientific reasoning and practical commendable place to explore and learn
Vijeyta Anand
Vijeyta Anand
I want to share my review ..I have done my 500hrs advance TTC course from Ananda yoga....my experience is that mam has helped me in practicing asanas very well..I appreciate that...this includes my efforts also...but as far theory part is concerned I am not satisfied with that...as I am doing other courses also now ..so I gained alot of knowledge from there....rest for daily routine simple yoga it's good for meditation also to some extent it's good ...but for ttc I will not recommend it to anyone....as it involves alot of hard earned money.....thanku
Happy to participate