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A Variety Of Programs Are Offered By Ananda Yoga. Every Program Is Carefully Designed And Aligned For The Benefit Of The Seeking Personals Who Practice At The Ananda Yoga.


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Health & Wellness

Yoga Teacher

Become a Certified International Yoga Teacher Under the International World Yoga Alliance with 200 and 500-Hour Training Courses.

Live / Online

Weight Loss Yoga Programs, Detox Body, Mind, promote a sense of calm and relaxation, and dietary recommendations.

Kids Yoga
Teacher Training

Junior and Senior Diploma Certification Course with advanced training specially designed for kids who wish to become a yoga teacher

Classes & Retreats

Physical & mental health, self- love, marital and parental relationships, promoting overall well- being and quality of life.


Boosting working environment, productivity marital education counseling, receive guidance to enhance the marital relationship.


Cleansing the lungs and respiratory and digestive organs, enhancing blood circulation, reducing body heat, and improving digestion.


Peace, love, health, harmony, music therapy, chakra meditation, reduce negative thinking and promoting mindfulness.


For mind control, health, concentration, attitude, and joyfulness, improving flexibility, and promoting relaxation.

200-500 Hours Yoga
TTC Registration

The Core Styles of Asana Taught in the Course: Traditional Hatha Yoga with the certification of international world Yoga alliance.

Our Teacher Training Course offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to guide others on their yoga journey. With a focus on both the practical philosophy and practices of the yoga path, this course is a transformative experience that will deepen your understanding of yoga and empower you to share its wisdom with others.

Our 200 and 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course allows for a comprehensive exploration of advanced teaching techniques and specialized areas of yoga to become a certified International Yoga Teacher under the International World Yoga Alliance.

The Advanced Program
of Ananda Yoga

In an advanced Yoga Program it is control of one’s senses. In spite of practicing yoga, if one does not control their senses, they will never be successful. The perfection of yoga is achieved when one attains the stage of Samadhi with total control on our body, mind and soul.

Yoga also helps us to keep our body and mind pure and lead us to life fulfillment. When we activate our nerve system in the body, it improves the flow of the energy system smoothly. Our body system is a super fantastic machine created by an almighty creator. It is controlled by the superpower “brain” in it. The activities are controlled by the mind. The pressure exerted on certain points of the body; hands energize certain points in the brain.
The science of Yoga deals with the controlling of pranic forces in the human body, subsiding the extra energy and directing pranic forces to appropriate parts of the body. Yoga therapy keeps the human healthy.
Human body is made of five elements namely Fire, Air, Sky, Earth and Water. The disorder in these five elements are the cause of body ailment and imbalance of mind. Yoga & Meditation helps one to balance the elemental variation.

The Method of
Ananda Yoga

It is a process of nourishing every cell of our body by tuning our mind along with a bit of stretching the body, so as every cell of the body gets aligned with the brain cells and the spiritual heart, using the technique of breathing by streamlining it. At the initial stage it is about pushing the toxins out of the body and cleansing it, then slowly rejuvenating part of the body with life force, oxygen, proper blood circulation and flow of energy enabling the nerve systems to be fully active. Once it is done the second part is filling up the mind with positive thoughts, loving self and attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

In the advanced stage it is all about tuning our elements with five elementary parts of the creative force eventually connecting ourselves with the Universe, it’s more ideal to say to Experience the Universe within One or Becoming One with the Universe.

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A Variety Of Yoga Session Is Offered By Ananda Yoga In Accordance With The Above Guideline To Different Age Groups And The Type Of Requirements Too.